Pierce Lyons
Team Sun
Drawn by smartone123 of fanpop


Pierce Joshua Lyons


No information



Favourite Band:

Plain White T's or Simple Plan

Episode Eliminated:





Miranda Monroe (Crush)


Miranda Monroe


Miranda Monroe

Individuality Edit

When Pierce first arrived to the studio, he immediately asks about his guitar and starts to bond with his fellow boys in the cabin by commenting on how hilarious it was to watch Sierra and Cody in Total Drama World Tour. He is later put on Team Sun and tries to help out his team in the song choosing... during this time, Pierce begins flirting with Miranda Monroe. He eventually agrees to the idea of singing Born This Way and the concept of wearing shirts with an insecurity written on them.

In the music video, he stands with Miranda and Isaac Thomas and sings the line "I love my life, I love this record and... mi amore vole fe yah!"

At the elimination ceremony, Pierce celebrates with his team when they are told that they were the winners of Individuality.


Miranda Monroe- Pierce instantly begins questioning Miranda's want to perform Framing Hanley for their first music video assignment, then he later uses Duncan's nickname for Courtney, "Princess" in terms of describing her.

Later, Miranda gets angry at him for stealing her shirt idea ("Flirty") and Pierce jokingly comments how they'll be the next Duncan and Courtney.

See the Pierce and Miranda page for more info.

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